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Do you have a cake design in mind ?? Or are you looking to customise a cake for your loved one ? Or Are you looking to get a cake that is custom made to suit that special person ? We have got it all covered. Here at Cakewave, we bake your dream cake! Just share your thoughts and if you have a reference cake image here and we will get back to you with the approximate pricing and the cake in hand. So do not hesitate, we are super excited to work with you. We are just one click away.

If you need more clarification on how this works, just scroll down a bit and you can find all the details in the Description section.


Follow the steps to place a “Quote Request” & receive a “Quote Proposal” for Custom Cakes:

1. Click on the “Add to quote” button and you will be redirected to “Request a quote page”.

2. Fill up the quote request form and click on “Submit Your Request” button to place quote request for your custom cake. Note: You can also upload sample photos of the cake that you want us to bake for you through the quote request form!

3. Once we receive the custom cake quote request, we will prepare and send you a “Quote proposal”. You will receive the quote proposal via email address and you can also view the quote proposal in “My Account” tab.

4. You will have an option to accept/reject the quote proposal. To place the order you can click the “Accept” button and you will be redirected to the checkout page for payment.

5. After a successful payment process, your order will be placed and processed

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