Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Cake

A delicious 1st Birthday Cake for Girl for any occasion or festival you can easily order online or send to surprise your loved ones. You can send this cake within 2 hours using Express delivery or Same day delivery or Early morning or Fixed Time.

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Celebrate your baby girl 1st birthday. You can add their name or date of birth to this delicious and adorable cake. Make your girl’s 1st birthday a memorable occasion with the perfect cake!
Birthdays are special, but the1st? birthday is always more special. Sens this one digit cake to the one you adore the most. Perfect for birthdays and anniversary. Make your day best and mesmerizing.

Quality Information

Here are some important features that make cake loved by all:

  • The cakes are handcrafted and made by our skilled, top-class chefs.
  • Rich Quality ingredients are used.
  • The foremost thing that attracts anybody is the appearance of the cake so we deliver the same as per the image.
  • Our cake should be enriched in taste and should satisfy you completely.
  • Our cake should be frosted nicely, equally balanced.

Delivery Information

  • We call the receiver only when the delivery boy reaches the doorstep.
  • Write the correct delivery address with the pincode on the checkout page.
  • Choose delivery timeslot on the checkout page and based upon pincode.
  • The delivery boy met all the safe doorstep delivery parameters.

Serving Instructions

  • The cake is best enjoyed at room temperature.
  • Please allow it to come to room temperature before serving/eating.
  • Upon receiving the cake, immediately refrigerate it.
  • The cake should be placed back in the fridge and should be consumed within 48 hours.
  • Recommend to consume it within 4 hours of buying.
  • This product is hand-delivered and will not be delivered along with courier products.

Ingredients Used

Most commonly used ingredients in the cake include flour, sugar, butter, oil or margarine, a liquid, and a leavening agent, such as baking soda or baking powder.

  • For Toughness: Flour, Milk Solids
  • For Tenderizers: Sugar, Fats and Chocolate
  • For Moisteners: Water, Liquid Milk Syrups, Liquid Sugars, Driers Flour, Milk Solids

Note: Additional Charges for the topper is Rs.149.00. If you would like to place an order for same topper please contact +91 97899000161 let us know once you place the order or you can choose from the topper section and place the order directly.

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