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Caramel Cake

From 479.00
The all-time favorite caramel cake is choice when it comes to buy a cake for any and every occasion. A delicious choice for every celebration. Caramel Cake?s irresistible taste is sure to speak for your feelings in a best. Don't wait anymore, order this whimsical beauty right away!

Choco Almond Cake

From 549.00
This choco almond cake has reached to the next level of indulgence with both chocolate flavour and almond nuts. Baked with utmost perfection, this delicious choco almond cake is enriched with the lusciousness. This is going to spellbind the chocolate lovers with the magical taste.

Choco Walnut Cake

From 479.00
Yummy and heavenly special choco walnut cake. This cake is baked with delicious chocolate with special walnut toppings. A true classic choco walnut will surely ingratiate your taste buds to the core. This cake is perfect for each and every occasion. Order it online now and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Irish Coffee Cake

From 499.00
Make your loved ones smile extra wide by treating, surprising,and feeling happy over the sweetness and deliciousness of a irish coffee cake. Irish coffee is baked with irish and coffee flavours. Irish Coffee Cake is a tender delicacy you will enjoy to the last crumb.